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8 definitions by LustyMartin

Google evangelist.
He loves google so much he teaches everyone about Google apps/chat/voice/etc, he's a googangelist.
by LustyMartin September 20, 2010
The ability to identify prostitute from a distance.
I saw her and instantly my hodar was tingling. Later I found her ad on an escort mall.
by LustyMartin September 20, 2010
"crazy ho thinkin" is the often irrational or unexplainable behavior exhibited by escorts, strippers, and porn stars.
bitches phone got shut off when she spent all her money on "whatever"; now she can't turn a trick without her phone, that's some crazy ho thinkin'
by LustyMartin August 18, 2010
Adjective: used to describe a person or other entity owning zero to few domain name registrations.
At one time I had registered several dozen domain names, now that I only have one (1) I am feeling domain poor.
by LustyMartin August 10, 2010
The Ancient Japanese art of Sportfucking.
I've lost 20lbs in the last month thanks to fukido training.
by LustyMartin October 05, 2010
An ascii-hole is a troll, a button-pusher, someone who deliberately behaves like an anal sphincter (asshole) safely behind the anonymity of the internet.

In real life they behave just like "normal people" and are well behaved, soft spoken, well-mannered and, often, highly educated.
"john" is such an ascii-hole, he came into "mary's" post about her anniversary and deliberately provoked her by calling her fat and a bitch.
by LustyMartin September 24, 2010
an uncertain or unspecified piece of software
I've got someware that can parse that data for you.
by LustyMartin August 18, 2010