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This is one heck of a rock band here! Brad Arnold is one of the best music writers ever in my oppinion. Their music is abolutely great!
If I go crazy will you still call me Superman?

When Im gone
by rwm December 15, 2004
Simply a great music artist. There may be some songs where he doesn't say much, but he still makes the song even better just by bein in it and sayin those few little words. He livens it up. He is also a great music producer too. LISTEN TO HIS NEW ALBUM "CRUNK JUICE" CAUSE HE RAPS A LOT MORE ON IT!
I's been know you fo' a long time (shawty),
But f*****' never crossed my mind (shawty),
But tonight, I seen sumthin' in ya (shawty),
That made me wanna get wit 'cha (shawty),
by rwm December 15, 2004
Me, i hang around the web.

habbo, starcraft, diablo 2 , counterstrike, ryzom, white hole, project stupid, the rd webboard, and increasing!

Respect my friends!
I really am everywhere.
by RWM May 21, 2004
The Ying Yang Twins have some of the best rap music out there right now. Their music is great for clubs and has an awesome beat to it. They do not have a bad song yet. THEIR MUSIC IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN THE RAP GENRE AND IS AWESOME! SO ALL YOU HATERS SIT ON THAT...HAHN?!?!?!?!
Shake It Like A Salt Shaka!!!

by rwm December 15, 2004

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