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1. something really good
2. to get drunk
1. Godamn, that movie was so thowed.
2. Mayn, i really need to get thowed rite now
by bushi September 10, 2003
state of being overly drunk, high, or both, to the point where one experiences a blackout
"I done had 10 shots, drank 8 brews, and smoked two L's. I'm thowed dude."
by Willy B January 02, 2005
to be intoxicated
dude, i was thowed in the game last night.
by maria campos December 17, 2008
the mental state of being really high
"Man, I'm thinking thowed"
by 3rd coast January 07, 2005
an adjective that describes when something is really really nice or great; can refer to clothes, shoes, television, sports, almost anything
"Did you see the new Jordans? They thowed"
by Laidee May 30, 2007
A word that paul wall is bringin from texas and is trying as hard as he can to get everyone to use it when they want to say that something is cool, or that a girl is fly.
"Bro look at me, im lookin, feelin, smellin like a million bucksahhh!!" Man im thowed!!!
by D.J Hanes April 16, 2007
1. To feel emotionally crazy
2. To act crazy and/or mean
1. The car wreck left me thowed; I have to lay down.
2. Don't mess with that bum he's thowed he may bite you.
by Eric B June 07, 2004
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