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Southern slang evolved from
"throwed" purposely omitting
"r" sound, mainly
a.) to get crunk and/or high/drunk
b.) something that is tight, cool or badass
c.) to fight or fuck someone up
d.) to physically throw
a.) "We got so thowed with that bitch off dat 8ball you know we had to run train"
b.) "Damn son that purple haze X northern lights 7 is some thowed ass weed, I'm thowed"
c.) "We gon thow down wit dem bitch niggaz and see whats good when we thow they asses in the gutter"
d.) "I don't give a fuck nigga I thow my sets up in any hood"
by Dmob September 19, 2006
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Thow is the same as "throw" and is usually used when describing the forcefulness in which you direct or place your genitalia or other apendages into another human being, animal or object.
1) Goddamn, shes a hot fuckin ho.... first I'd "eat the corn" and then I'd "thow" stem allupinzoid.

2) Last night the ol lady was a horny bitch.... as soon as we got home she dragged me upstairs and "thowed" it on me good.

3) I think I'll go home, drink a few beers, smoke some crack, and thow.... if the ho happened to wash that thing this week.
by Ezeerider July 31, 2004
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Uber-l33t spelling of the common English word "though."
"Am not ghey if whondering thow!"
by JedIGN February 16, 2004
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To "Thow" is to invest someones money with the promise of doubling or tripling the initial investment, and once gaining the trust of the individual, claim a loss after redirecting the money to an offshore bank account or laundering it accordingly. To be a fraud investor, or broker with the intent of leaving the country with others money in hand, to a country with minimal extradition laws such as the Bahamas or Carribean Islands.

Ian Thow of Vancouver Island left to Seattle, Washington where he now resides with $10,000,000 of Alex Campbell's money; (the owner of Thrifty Foods, Subsidiary of the Sobeys chain) as well as an approximate value of $7,000,000 of other Vancouver and Victoria residents savings and investments. Extradition was declined as all of his taxes were filed before leaving the country.
I was thinking about becoming an investment broker, so that I can gain peoples trust and then thow them for all they are worth.

It sounded like a legitimate get rich quick idea, but i just ended up getting thowed.
by J. Waighfield November 08, 2007
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An acoustic guitar; characterized by the wide, rounded curves of the classic dreadnought design.

--from the sound 'thow-chka-thow' made by an acoustic guitar playing bluegrass style country-western music.
"The rockers decided to bring it down a notch and pulled out their thows for an acoustic jam."
by Roach Brothers May 05, 2004
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