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6 definitions by Shanaynay

A dance style. Used along with Ska music.
That Sarah girl sure knows how to skank.

Blake knows how to skank backwards.
by Shanaynay March 12, 2005
The feelin' you get when your trippen off of an X pill; thizzed out
I just popped an X pill and i'm thizzin' (feelin the pill)
by Shanaynay June 19, 2006
1. loser; nerd; WANKSTA!!
That white is an offie! Those shoes aint jordans, those like...washingtons! Offie!
by Shanaynay January 28, 2003
Rent-a-cops. Usually found at the mall.
Dude, watch out for the pigglets in Sears.
by Shanaynay April 09, 2005
The act of shopping at a thrift store.
Emo kid 1: Hey lets go thriftin.
Emo kid 2: Yeah! I need a new tie.
Emo kid 1: Remember, the smell of old is the smell of emo clothes gold.
by Shanaynay March 24, 2005
someone who is jive turkey!!!
What's up... lilly liver???
by shanaynay July 02, 2004