Thizz- Another word for Ecstacy.
Thizz'n- When you off a pill and you feelin yah self
Im funna Thizz tonight.. and do it Live

My nigga im hella feelin myself
by Jaccie-O June 21, 2006
Thizz is what it is!! Ecstacy.
Pop a thizz and go dumb at the sideshow,BEEZY!
by King BooBoo October 17, 2007
Word commonly used in reference to someone under the influence of ecstasy. Other forms: thizzin

This was used to replace the term previously used: to roll or rollin.
person1: Did you go to the rave last Saturday?
person2: Yea, it was such a good party.
person1: Were you thizzin?
person2: Hellz yea!
person1: Whatcha take?
person2: It was a pink butterfly.
by rollinhomie December 21, 2006
1. Pills containing MDMA and often comibinations of other drugs such as caffine, speed, etc. Typically sold in colored tablets with a printed logo. (noun)
2. Being under the influence of thizz. Charactarized by euphoria, openess, extreme bonding and sociability, appreciation of music, flowing with music and loving life more than ever before, loving everyone you see, hugging and feeling everyone you see, stroking things, becoming mesmerized by lights, jaw clenching, tense shoulders that need to be massaged, sucking ciggarrettes down like a vacuum, drinking rediculous amounts of water, and getting hyphy. (verb)
1. Aye nigga I got dat thizz from Vallejo.
2. I really wanna thizz tomorrow night so I can dance and get hyphy. Last week i was thizzin balls and I loved it! Too bad I ground my teeth down to nibs!
by greenfishie March 24, 2009
A word for people who are borderline retarded, meaning MDMA or Ecstasy.
Joe: Dude, I was totally Thizzed out last night!

by ChemistryGuru February 09, 2014
a particular type of dance reffered to by MAC DRE originating in the Bay Area (West Coast United States)
You never thizzed before? Where you come from squaresville?
by JePz FUCKIN OVERDOSED November 29, 2007
Thizzing is when you drink alchohol and you ingest ecstasy. BE VERY CAREFUL! YOU WILL DIE FROM DEYHDRATION! DRINK WATER! But not too much otherwise your brain will swell up and cause a coma and death. So drink a glass of water every hour or less.
Dude: Why the fuck are your pupils so big?
Thizzing girl: Cuz...becuase...alchohol. No, i meant I AM ON ecstasy. Actually...wait...i am thizzing. THATS WHAT YOU CALL IT!
:note: severe loss of memory
by ASSFUCKERKILLSMOM October 03, 2010

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