the result of a combination of cultural and socio-economical factors leading to the production of a new offshoot of cultural bliss in irrational dangerous and amusingly eccentric behavior. One of many of such that suggest the Now's rejection of the western project, or the Modern Ideal of improvement, and instead an Acceptance and deference to the fragmentary Post.
Nah, I'm not going to go to work tonight, I'll be thizzin'
by hyphedoutintellect October 21, 2007
poping at least 4/5 if u dont pop more than 4 then u dont thizz u beeziez
this wac nigga poped 2 thizz pills and was hella horny
by andre lewis[mac dre]hicks April 10, 2007
Something that affect 90% of teens from ages 12 to 15 THIZZZZZZZ BAY AREA
Thizz is what it is, in the bay.
by JDoran15 November 30, 2006
1) flipped outttt (aka gettin all geeked up on e)
2) chilln' at jesse long's (aka gettin all geeked up on e and not sleepin)
3) chelt muntin' it to the max
"man you shudda seen how THIZZed out jaypedz was last nite... guy was on like 15! screamin about champagne on his noggin' er som"


"you down to thizz? 3 for 20 bro"
by macdizzzle February 11, 2008
an expresion of something totally haggared gnarly depending on the subject
that bum under the bridge was so thizzed out or damn sun those stunnas are all thizzed out
by thizzard the blu tounge September 25, 2007
thizz is NOT pure extacy.....thizz is a bunch of shitty drugs ( meth, heroin, extacy, coke, and acid if your lucky...;) ) all mixed up and put into a pill press and ther u have thizz....thizz will fuck u up and it feels fucking fantastic but dont do it too much it IS ONE of the worst drugs out there...thizz goes for $10 a pill and $5 if u got hookups...people that say thizz is pure ex can refer to molly which is pure ex ....thizz isnt.....the best way to take them is by crushing them up and snorting them but if u dont wanna look like a fucking drug addict then u pop them in your mouth and chew them up nice and good, they taste like shiiit (thats whay mac dre calls it the thizz face because it tastes soo bad u put a bad look on your face, "put a look on my face like i smelt some piss..." (thizzle dance by mac dre) and u swallow them and then wait a little while and u will soon be feelin urself...
me... ey wanna pop (thizz) on saturday i got some pink naked ladies (a type of thizz)

friend...fer sure dude im down.. then lets go to that party at tori's..
by thizz doctor September 25, 2008
when a nigga pop sumfin fierce n git smaked out his fukin head .....if u aint goin dumb u aint thizzin tho
billy u tryin to smak a thizz pill 1 tom i tryin ta smak 2 pills n git stupid!
by marcus nigga September 25, 2006
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