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dirty south; hip-hop slang for the southeast
After a decades of east coast/west coast rap domination, third coast artists are becoming the hottest thing in hip-hop
by Nick Victim April 20, 2004
The Gulf coast. Originally used to refer to the Texas coast and sometimes Texas in general, it now has expanded to generally mean the entire American region bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

While the term has been used for several decades in business names and catch phrases, the recent attention that Southern Hip Hop music has garnered has brought it into the limelight.
"The South is hip-hop's Third Coast, the final element making up the genre's worldwide holy trinity."
by JayJay Jackson April 22, 2006
Apellation describing the state and cultural region centered on Houston, Texas including Central and East Texas and Southern Louisiana used in several different contexts (film, hip hop and other music, left activism, etc).

This term is claimed by several other regions as well (Chicago, Western Michigan, the Southeast), but it properly refers to Texas.
Richard Linklater and Wes Anderson put the third coast on the indy film map.

Chopped and screwed, third coast style.
by dacoit April 28, 2006
The gulf coast Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Florida
Montgomery, New Orleans, Houston, and Miami are all on the third coast.
by jersey kid February 09, 2008
See 3rd Coast

The southern states that border the Gulf of Mexico (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.)

Can also mean the entire south, not only the gulf coast states.
Third Coast Born & Raised.
by AC June 13, 2006
Slang for the shores of the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Michigan and more specifically Chicago; also known locally to Chicagoans as The Lakefront. The term Third Coast has its origins in Midwestern annoyance at East and West Coast attitudes (namely, the ones that forget there's an entire country out there in the heartland between sea coasts that doesn't need New York or L.A. in order to continue to exist).
1. Prominent Third Coast authors include mystery writer Sara Paretsky, lawyer turned novelist Scott Turow, and poet Marc Smith, originator of the infamous poetry slams at the Green Mill Lounge.
2. Dude, I'm headed down Lake Shore Drive for the Third Coast Festival. You coming?
by mrtraska April 22, 2006
The Great Lakes/North Coast region.

The section of the Midwest and NE thats within roughly 60 miles of the Great Lakes.

Includes: Michigan, North Ohio, NW Indiana, NE Illinois, East Wisconsin, NW Pennsylvania, and West New York. Chicago/Gary, Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, Detroit, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Toledo, Erie, etc.
Chicago is located in the Third Coast
by thirdcoasteye May 21, 2010
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