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a lot; many; a remarkable amount.
They had beaucoup people at the car wash Saturday.
by Adrienne B. November 05, 2004
a lot, a large quantity, many (adj.)
From the French language. Generally used in New Orleans and surrounding areas.
He punched him beaucoup times before they broke up the fight.

I applied to beaucoup jobs.
by Jai Lachelle May 11, 2009
French word that means a lot.
Lil' Wayne: '' I'm here to make Beaucoup money.''
by C. Jayy. December 26, 2009
a great quantity. amassed greatness.
Some punk ass, oodee-wannabe is trying to pass his self off as someone with beaucoup wit.

Too bad his pronunciation sucks!
by Witchie-coo March 20, 2003
a lot, many, large quantities
The song "Imma Star": "Like the dealer ship, I keep beaucoup cars. Penetentary, I keep beaucoup bars!!"
by lilorphanannie January 05, 2010
a lot, many
very, really
I've been beaucoup busy
She has beaucoup shoes
by Keyshanti November 30, 2007
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