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The condition preceeding saddlebags on a plump female. Occurs when the line between where the hips end and the thighs begin is blurred.
Dude check out the thips on that seacow!,
I think that I'm going to end up getting saddlebags like my mom cuz my thips barely fit into my lee jeans.,
At the Mickey-Dees: WOW!!! the more I eat here the more I pack on the old thips!,
Do these pants make my thips look fat?,
Is that your girlfriend??? A little thick isn't she? I mean what do you do with all that thip???
by BtotheItothedoubleL December 09, 2007
2 10
Thip is the noise it makes when you open or close a refrigerator.
The refrigerator made the familiar thip sound as I retrieved another beer.
by Andy S. May 30, 2006
39 7
An amazing Thai restaurant in Belleville IL. The food being so amazing that one must visit the restaurant atleast once a week to feel that their life has meaning.
Sum Guy: Hey buddy, errbody n'da club gettin' Thips?
Buddy: Yeah, Thips sounds good for lucnuh.
by kRabbit August 09, 2006
11 3
Thighs and hips combined; on a large woman.
Daymn, she had some wide thips.
5 2
Thick and Hips Combined make Thips. Big Thick Hips,
Mami got Thips!!!!!!!!
by BlkGoddess42 October 31, 2005
10 8
Thats Hilarious I Peed

The new texting term thats replacing "lol"
You: yo mama so fat shes blocking the sun!
Me: Thip
by S, Austin July 09, 2013
1 0
When a woman's pussy lips and thighs are both so ginormous that it fuses together as one.
I can't fasten my zipper. My thips keep getting in the way.

I can't put that catheter in unless someone holds the thips up and out of the way.
by elvira69 January 22, 2011
7 6
Thigh hips.
When someone has big thighs and no hip.

Person 1: "The girl's hips are really low"
Person 2: "Yeah, she has thips"
by Nutt3rz August 27, 2012
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