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another word for a women having nice breast
man she got some nice thingies
by xxxemoxxpandaxx December 09, 2006

Used to describe an object on the spur of the moment when you have a sudden brain fritz and forget exactly what you were gonna say was.
Uhh.....get the report!.....program..thingy.
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
a something, a thingymajig,a watchamacalit,a doo dad, a habba whatsa, a do hickey. The word that replaces a noun that you cant think of at that certain moment.
hand that thingy.
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
A technical term.
Guy #1: Insert the thingy into the slot.
Guy #2: ...Is that a... Technical term?
Guy #1: Why, yes. Yes it is.
by Oletha August 04, 2009
For the women, it describes anything under a hood of a car.
Hey, honey. What is that thingy right there? Not that thingy. That thingy there.
by bentwood021 March 31, 2010
Used when talking about something that you're not sure the name of.

Also a word to explain an object people don't know the name of.
1. What's that black thingy?


Tour Guide: See the waterfall?
Little kid: Um...the what?
Tour Guide: That water thingy over there.
by Skittia January 25, 2004
1. A word that can substitute for any other English noun.

2. An item, concept, or idea that is a thing.

3. See also: thingamajig

Please put the thingy over but the thingy.
by Ben September 10, 2003
For the men, it describes the metal clip that holds the bra together.
Hey, MaNfA! I need help here! I cant seem to get this thingy undone.
by bentwood021 March 31, 2010