1. Greasy hair, or very dirty, sumone who doesn't take a bath.
2. Gay, poor, and unintelligent, or ugly and lack of good comeback's...
1. Comeback = shut-up...or, owww...
2. God!!! you smell like a Thigpen!!!
by Daniel December 28, 2003
Top Definition
1. teenager with a IQ of near zero who stalks girls daily, will hide behind father if in danger.

2. teenager with over-active matabolism, extremely pale skin, and no emotions.

3. adolescent who picks fights with anything larger than himself.

4. little retarded girl
HOLY HELL!!!! run a THIGPEN is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jb January 01, 2004
the visible bulge created by a man's package in tight pants; compare cameltoe
Homeboy needs to loosen up those jeans, he's got a serious thigpen.
by Decidedly_so February 11, 2007
1. shit

2. big shit
i gota take a thigpen

thigpen happens
by private public December 28, 2003
1) Small, feeble looking teenager who suffers from severe overbite. The Thigpen is usually a bright white and can be seen from miles away.

2) Teenager lacking common sense. The Thigpen has severe homosexual tenedencies and tries to molest girls.

3) Very small adolescent that wears glasses bigger than himself. This version of the Thigpen usually stays quiet, and will kick without warning.
Noun: Your mom's purple nipples remind me of a Thigpen.

Adjective: Lee, that is so Thigpen of you to mention that.

Verb: I ought to Thigpen you across your face!

Interjection: Thigpen! Not on the rug again!
by Alex December 28, 2003
1. Gay, Silent, and/or Smelly animal of the "Hobo" genus.

2. See Hupah
look! a wild Thigpen!..... LET'S KILL IT!
by Mr.E December 15, 2003
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