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The God of Thienism. Also referred as 'Chua'. You don't fuck with him...he fucks with you.
Double Rainbow Guy: It's a double rainbow!

Thien: No, that's a double pineapple.

Double Rainbow Guy: It's almost looking like a triple rainbow now.

Thien: Hey, titties or get the FUCK out.

Random Japanese Guy: My VCR is broken, and my cwock is still bwinking.

Thien: You don't fuck with me! I fuck with you...
by xChua July 28, 2010
cute kid
by tim June 25, 2003
A word used to describe the most awesome and badass motherfucking asian there is.
John : Thien kicked me ass

Well: He is THIEN
by defeswargednjslkg November 06, 2013
Thien, usually associated with a racist asian who doesn't like black people. He worships hitler and hates all jews.
Nick:whats up thien, you heard about that black guy who got arrested and hes saying he got framed?
Thien: oh yea i framed him.
Nick:really? thats crazy!
Thien:yes, another victory for white supremacy!
by xXxPressurexX November 16, 2009
a guy known for being a jerk.
gosh you such an idiot. youre acting like thien.
by newspaperstrange February 06, 2007
A person who is usually assoiciated with dwarfism and/or weight issues. A Thien will usually have short stature and a really big stomach mass. A Thien can be either a male or female, and in some cases, both. Thiens usually only have one form of defense, to sneeze on a person that they think might harm them. Thiens also must rely on cheating and chili cheese fries to survive.
"Dude, that guy is a Thien! I mean, if it IS a guy...", Robert exclaimed to me.
by Eniamert March 16, 2007
a big boy, tends to be retarded. homosexual and likes it in the ass. looks like a grizzly bear and a banana. Preferably asian.
vee loves a thien
thien is some kind of freak nature, loves to lick his ass.
by superveees January 25, 2008