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not fat, not anorexic, but more in between. has a nice voluptious badonkadonk, tits mostly a double d average, big thighs(but not to wear they create stretch marks), hips to where from the front you know she has a phat ass, a little bit of waist is alright, but not sagging over the belt or looking like there pregnant. examples of females who would be considered thick (esther baxter, buffy the body, reagan gomez, trina, janet jackson as far as the black chicks), (jessica simpson, trish stratus, micky james, coco for the white chicks) 38dd-26-42 standing at 5'5 is how i like em
damn look at that girl bending over with that junk in that trunk, now she thick im gonna go holla at her
by joshua001 March 07, 2007
nice ass, nice legs, not skinny, with meat on your bones. thickness is the shit.
Damn that girl is thick yo!
by Bryant May 11, 2002
A woman with a perfect body, filled-in in places that are, by nature, designed to attract the opposite sex, such as the thighs, the hips, the breasts, and the most lovely part of all, the booty.
For heaven's sake, she is so fucking thick.
by DRay October 21, 2004
a girl who isn't fat or skinny, but is well proportioned, has enough meat on her bones in all the right places, most men like the thick ones
I'm thick and I'm glad my boyfriend likes it that way!
by Brena February 09, 2004
Nice booty; legs, especially nice thighs; but still small waist.

Good body specifics for sex.
Mmmm dang!! She thick as hell.
"THICK with its how we like it in the ATL" - "Pop That Booty" by Marques Houston
by §usane March 02, 2004
When a girl's body has weight on it, but not ugly, out of shape weight. More like medium and curvy. A round behind and firm, full legs is considered thick.
That girl has a very pretty face, but her behind is flat so she's far from thick.
by grandabx December 24, 2003
word used to describe a girl who is big, but not fat, and has a very nice shape.
damn, that girl is thick!
by jessica January 27, 2004
Not Fat, Not Skinny, But you got meat on your bones
damnnn that girl is thick
by Derrell June 02, 2005