A theatric person (such as an actor or theater frequenter) , male or female, who is in most cases not homo/bisexual.
My friend is such a thesbian, she goes to plays almost every night.

I consider myself a thesbian, having played lead roles in many Shakesper productions.
by Willow Birchowood May 13, 2006
A gay or lesbian thespian.
Apparently, as many as 25% of male actors are thesbians.
by John Koziar April 26, 2006
stage performer. some one who performs on stage.
B-ho is such a thesbian
by dubby dub c April 05, 2006
A lesbian and a thespian all in one!
I'm a thesbian and I like women...at the same time I like performing shows on stage.
by David Peterson January 27, 2005
A female actor or stage performer
Ellen Degeneras is a thesbian lesbian.
by volcsurf April 28, 2005
(noun) a woman who acts gay.
Helen and Lily are noted thesbians.
by Adrianna Lazaro February 27, 2015

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