Sometimes, when a man is too drunk to get an erection, it can be embarrassing. To avoid embarrassment, (This only works if the girl is very drunk/dumb), he can slide his fingers down infront of his penis and do the deed while making all the right noises, while the girl is none the wiser, thus avoiding a loss of dignity, unless the girl realizes his penis is unusually small.
I was way too drunk last night to get it up, so i just pulled the phantom, she was none the wiser
by teddye03 May 03, 2011
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n. A sudden, usually unnoticeable, expulsion of feces from one's anus, similar in quality to diarrhea. Black in color and containing no solid matter whatsoever, the phantom leaves a burning sensation inside the subject after it has run its course. It can most often be mistaken for urination by those nearby, but the foul odor and seemingly infinite wipe-time are clear signs.

v. to phantom - To disharge feces in the form of the phantom.
"I ate a chicken bowl this morning, and an hour later I had the phantom."

"I was graced by the phantom's presence in my chambers this morning. Looks like it's laundry day for me."

"I phantomed when I got home, that was just too much hot sauce."
by C Dizzle September 15, 2005
A sexual exploit used during intercourse. In traditional doggy style position the male spits on the females back as he removes his genitals from her. The female in normal response will turn around, where, at that moment, the male will ejaculate on her face. The technique is aptly named the Phantom for its ability to deceive a female into a males ejaculation on her backside causing great humiliation to the female and extreme jubilance for the male.
Jon pulled a Phantom on Kate.
by HumDog the Great March 22, 2004
Banging a drunken passed out female, while telling her "its only dream". Make sure to wear a condom, dispose of it properly or catch a rape charge!!!!!
Robert performed "The Phantom" on Brittany. The next morning she woke up saying "I had the weirdest dream'!
by goatmancfh February 02, 2013
When you take a shit and you look to see your work, and the shit has disappeared into the pipe. It vanished.
I just had a phantom shit, I can't see it at all.
by Bouch March 02, 2005
The phantom presents itself when the male, doing his female partner from behind, unloads a mouthful of saliva onto his partner's backside simulating orgasm, but when she turns to profess his studliness gets the true jizz bomb in her face
Can you believe the fat man hit Schleppo with the phantom instead of the dirty Sanchez?
by The nitrous hater July 11, 2011
A sexual act in which one partner (either gender) is on the toilet when unbeknownst to them, the male partner kicks open the door, shuts off the light, then kicks them off the toilet and bends them over the bath tub. Doggie style. If the light is left on, it is then called a Sneak Attack.
It sucks to be on the recieving end of The Phantom.
by Wussmonster March 02, 2010
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