Neo from the matrix.
Neo is the one.
by d00d June 27, 2003
Rickidius Fronebidius
Rickidius Fronebidius is and always will be The One
by The One April 19, 2004
1) Dope ass song (and music video) by THE ONE and only Foo Fighters

2) Nickname for the character Neo of "The Matrix" movies

3) Jet Li, infamous actor of action films, including "The One"
1) "You’re not the one but you’re the only one... Who can make me feel like this..." -Dave Grohl (sexymuthafukka)

2) Neo is believed to be "the One" - the messiah.

3) Dood, The One with Jet Li just came out on DVD!
by motored_heart June 27, 2003
The person who is supposed to be able to defeat the agents in the Matrix.
Neo is beleived to be the One.
by Eddy June 26, 2003
a 20 foot yugoslavian feather duster who molesters bosnian children and hong kongian monkeys
damn i love the one
by indeed June 26, 2003
a sex god 2 the women which is y all men h8 him (well most of em neways)
aka gunny and nuggy
i wanna b with the one
by a friend of the one March 07, 2004

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