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A mystical, quasi-religious figure, with powers formed by the collective belief that (s)he is The One.
"I'm not the One, sorry. I'm just an ordinary guy."
by Random Guy #fhqwhgads June 19, 2003
As in a "COLD ONE" or "THE PROPERTY OF ONES" somthing i picked up on my travels with Strongbad in Cancun
I had a "COLD ONE" last night, it was a good buuurr!"
by Biggie June 18, 2003
The person who has the power to change things within The Matrix, i.e. Neo.

Also a crappy movie starring Jet Li traversing parallel dimensions.
Morpheus believes that Neo is the one.

After watching The One, i wanted to go back in time and kill myself as to prevent myself from watching said movie.
by trip June 18, 2003
Lady that brings her kids to the pool everyday but sits under the shelter house and does puzzles every day and yells at her kids+ other peoples kids... we dont like her.
"The Ones" pencil broke today...how will she do her puzzles!?
by BSPjournal March 21, 2009
A term referring to the person inside the Matrix who can do anything they so choose with it. The phenomenon known as "The One" is caused because the program for the Matrix that is in use is based on an imperfect world, and thus the program is imperfect. The program creates an anomaly, and that is The One.
Neo, you ARE the One...
by SpinSpyder June 20, 2003
Someone who thinks they have found the one they wanna spend the rest of their life with.
Earlier on .... Hey Matt, so what do you think of Carly ? Guys i think i found THE ONE!

*Matt and Carly both look up at the stars*
*Matt thinks to self* "I think i found THE ONE guys"
Matt: I love you.

Carly: Sorry, pimps don't love.
*Matt deep inside* "OMGGGG! :("
by Home slice. June 26, 2009
Bomb Ass song by White Zombie. It is on the Escape From LA Soundtrack. Refers to Snake Plissken but never by name.
Yeah, I am the one stronger than you and every mother's son. Yeah, I am the one King of the world and the devil's son. yeah yeah
by Snake Plissken October 03, 2003