Def. Another term for the Swine Flu.
1) I'm coming down with a wicked bad case of the oinks!

2) I'm praying I don't get the oinks, they were out of vaccines.

3) Don't come over. Seriously, we have The Oinks!
by The Oinks Suck November 10, 2009
Another name for the H1N1 Virus.
I was dating this chick and she had a horrible cough, Turns out she had the OINK!
by Deemize November 16, 2009
The swine flu. I first saw this in the National Review Online, in an article by Mark Hemmingway, who had the flu and was writing about his experience.
Quote: "I had the Oink and lived to write about it."
by C Goldrup August 18, 2009
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