Top Definition
To have a sexual encounter with a fat woman.
Jason got oinked last night.
by GatorCoug December 06, 2006
To eat a lot of food
Dude, you fuckin' oinked that omelet!! Savage. pigout eat food chow scarf
by rewddewd October 14, 2010
To link to a video featuring the demise of a pig, either by chainsaw (on ogrish) or knife-wielding Croatian (on TheNausea), by masking the URL. These videos are gruesome, because the porcine victims take a while to die (in the chainsaw vid, the pig squirms for a long time after being beheaded), but linking to them is considered funny.
I got oinked yesterday, and now I have nightmares about a psychotic hick running after me with a chainsaw...
by Googles December 31, 2004
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