The best wingman a guy could have. The monster is an individual who will distract/flirt with, and/or have sex with anything in order to help you get laid.
Man, she's got some butt ugly friends. We need to call Joe. He's the monster.

by AngryCanadian October 18, 2006
Top Definition
he has the monster
by op October 20, 2003
A homosexual "rock and roll'' band from the small town of Roanoke Virginia. They are heavily influenced by drugs and homosexuality, and often play at gay pride events. Formally known as "The Boogie Monsters" they were forced to change they're name because of a heterosexual group with a larger following. The Monsters, are a decent gay trip rock band with a small following with love for men and drugs.
The Monsters rocked so hard at the park last night they sounded just like a gay version of 3 Doors Down mixed with Cher!!!!!!
by Sharky Tooth May 23, 2009
"the monster" the thing that takes up part of you after using Crank (crystalized meth) he eats you up..
Damn, she been takin by the monster.. never shoulda done that meth
by K.T. January 08, 2005
Get 3 friends or more and hot-box a car so you all get really high and your eyes are firey red. Then everyone puts eye drops in only ONE eye. If done right, one eye will be clear and open while the other will be squinted and red and your group will all look like there is something seriously wrong with you.
Girl: What the hell is wrong with you guys? You look all kinds of fucked up.

AK: Nah, we're cool. Just rocking the monster look tonight.

Girl: Whatever...

AK: Triffilin' Bitch!
by AKAHRZ June 04, 2011
When one has too much to drink in an evening, and then finds oneself in the bathroom needing to both defecate and vomit at the same time.
I had 33 Nattie-Bo's last night, and I'm still cleaning up from The Monster.
by OldBallz December 29, 2009
In the heat of the moment while having sex, a man may lose control and start growling like a wild animal. He may or may not remember doing this in the morning.
1) When Karl was annihilating her insides he began to growl, "MMMMM....MMMM....MONNNNNN..........MONSTERRRRRRRR!!!!!"

2) me: hey karl i heard you gave her the monster last night!

Karl: i don't remember anything
by pappertapper August 21, 2010
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