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The art of abusing people. Of ambushing them with questions, following them with questions, hounding them with questions, driving them to their fucking graves with questions. It’s sort of being like a photographer, except no ones' killed any royalty doing it…yet.
"Those NAMBLA rights assholes are in town today, it's time for some Monstering. "
by tekrub March 13, 2010
Vomiting while one is having diarrhea.
why let food poisoning slow a nigh of drinking? the wost that can happens a little bit of monstering.
by Say! April 03, 2010
When a dog gets so wound up that they begin running circles around the room.

~Monstering typically continues until all of the dog's energy is spent and they flop down onto the floor for a quick nap.

~Also known as "Monster-Dogging."
Stand back, Fido is monstering again.
by BadRobotBrain July 20, 2010
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