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A Disney band of three brothers who are closet homosexuals with tights pants and straightened hair. They produce stiflingly generic music, yet seem to have the impression that they're unique. Their voices are nasally and they moan and groan with every word. Their fans are abominable preteen girls with no taste in music, who scream their braces off whenever one of their songs come on in mall stores. All three of the boys - Nick, Joe, and Kevin - are hopelessly fugly with as much hair on their brows as a gorilla has on its back. I'd rather listen and stare at a gorilla than these douchebags.
Girl: *Gasp!* The Jonas Brothers are so cuuuuuuuute!!! Look at Nick and Joe, oh they're so hot. They make the best music!! They're so unique and amazing and hot and cute and hot and they're just SO talented..."

Man: GAH!! Shut the fuck UP, would you?!
by MGN February 22, 2009
An annoying boy band that consists of absolutely NO Straight-Guy fans..
They're only liked because every 10-16 year-old-girl/homo thinks that they're "uber hawtt!!"
Even though they forget the lyrics to a legend's song and don't have very much talent.. they still became extremely famous.. somehow..
The Jonas Brothers (Nick Jonas): Very superstitious, writings on the wall, very superstitious.. ummowajfios
Audience: *Hides laughter and disappointment*
by JonasBrothers=Queers July 17, 2009
very small penis+bad music=ancestrial fags
enough said...
Cameron:Did you know that the jonas brothers have a concert soon?

Kyle:Whats a jonas brothers?

Cameron:Its an ancestrial fag group that plays bad music and have very small penises

Kyle:Oh.....happy face =)
by MrFro5000 March 10, 2009
The Jonas Brothers are a group of young boys who disgrace every musician in the world today. It is a known fact that, they do not even play their instruments, instead relying on their backing band for the music. The Jonas Brothers are nothing more than an industry-created group, aimed at young girls to increase revenue and make filthy jews more rich. Fuck the Jonas Brothers, fuck their families and fuck everyone who has ever listened to any of their songs.
"Hey man, have you heard of the Jonas Brothers?"

"You are no longer my friend, because of what you just said. Go kill yourself and never talk to me again."
by Frankenbeans October 12, 2009
a bunch of butt buddies
You guys are like the jonas brothers
by efewf34 September 15, 2009
the most brainwashing, horrible, band ever.

a band that automatically signed themselves to Disney, just so they will get fangirls and can get undeserved appreciation for their wanna-be imitation of music.

mostly loved by girls from ages 7-15.

Why anyone 13+ would like them is beyond me, but some people just haven't heard good music.
Girl1: im lyke going 2 the jonas brothers showw 2nitee!!!!!11111

Girl2: omg no wayy rlyyy????// i wannanna go soooooo bad 2 !!!!11
by hfdskt5798347 July 08, 2009
The definition of everything that is wrong with music in this day and age.
Teenage girl 1: OMG OMG OMG The Jo Bro's!!! there so awesome!!!

Teenage girl 2: OMG OMG OMG i know right!!!!!! I was at their last music concert!!!

Dad: That wasn't music it was the Jonas Brothers......... O__o
by But, Honestly July 09, 2010
Modern day Osmond brothers.
Guy: Hey have you heard of the Jonas Brothers?

Girl: OMG yEs i tOtAllY wAnT tO maRRy tHeM!!!!

Guy: Wow, they suck.

Girl: STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JonasHater March 04, 2009