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A remote location in good old Kansas. Only the coolest can say they are from the Joe, therefore earning the nickname of being a "Joe". Some wild and crazy things happen in this little village, some celebrations include (but are not limited to) : weddings, keggers, and the ever famous water skiing. You must be born and raised in the Joe to be a "True joe", all others are completey and utterly jealous of us. Amen.
All parties at The Joe are off the hook!
by Thejoe123 January 18, 2010
13 4
This on a level of difficulty for sexual postions on a scail from 1-10 is about a 14. The Joe is when you do a hand stand in front of the other person nakid with all of your junk stuffed in to a condom... balls and all. then you say "dosent it look like a chest burster from alien!?"
Refer to Alien The movie for example just immitate Kane upside down in handstand mode
by Barrett January 27, 2005
47 19
a slang term for joe louis arena in detroit where the red wings play
calgary is playing at the joe tomorrow
by vince April 03, 2005
25 7
Of the male species Joe. Involves the act of hot sweaty naughty sex. Drives around blasting The Misfits.
I got some of the Joe last nite.
by grumpybear April 08, 2003
29 20
the act of ditching friends, acting like a dick, and always bringing people down. somebody extremely cynical and condescending.
Wow, i've never seen him act so horrible. He is definitely pulling the joe.
by yoana April 23, 2007
6 5
The Joe is an inferior opponent to the Gaz, see rafa.

The Joe is destined to be served to The Gaz and The HariKrista for luncheon. Preferably with a nice cianti.
We meet at last, The Joe, say hello to my lil semi-automatic 'fren you halfbreed fuckarse wannabe.
by The Gaz July 23, 2004
13 16