The Hunger Games, a game for when two players fight to go as far as they can to get with a girl at a social event such as a party or kickback. There are only 2 rules to playing and winnin, With also many acceptions.

1) There must only be 2 players and 1 prize(that being the girl) For if more players were to join there would be too much competition and ruin the game and make the girl feel smother. Also there must be a penalty fouler (that being an unattractive girl who would bring someone down a level.) If The penalty fouler hits on or does any type of action with a player, the player loses a point.
2) In order to win a player must have more points then the other player to win. A player gains points by having successful actions with the prize. If a player goes all the way by having sex with the prize, then that player automatically wins. A player can lose points by only hitting on or been hit on by the penalty fouler.
1)"Dude Im gonna get with her and your not, so let the Hungr Games begin!"
2)"lets play the hungr games tonight, the prize will be Jasmine and the penalty fouler can be Katherine."
3) "Aye bro, I'm a little hungry. So let the hunger Games begin"
by WestJoe64 April 01, 2012
Top Definition
truly fantastic book by suzanne collins, set in the future. heroine katniss everdeen takes her sister prim's place in being chocsen by the cruel and sadistic Capital, to participate in the hunger games, a fight to the death between two teenagers from each of the 13 "districts". the last survivor is the winner, and there can only be 1 winner. she is joined by Peeta,the bakers son in her "district". Lionsgate films have bought the rights to make a movie.
Anna; what's the best book you've read this year?
Me; um, obviously the hunger games! it's futuristic, but not just for sci-fi fans, you'd love it, i'll lend it to you-
Anna;well, you were right about twilight
by senfen278 April 05, 2009
An FANTASTIC 3 part book series that includes violence, romance, brutality, cruelty, strategy, and awesomeness. There is a film adaptation coming to theaters in 2012 starring the always great Jennifer Lawrence. This series/franchise is better than Twilight in every way, shape and form, so don't even try to argue with that. It's like arguing that M. Night Shyamalan makes better movies than Christopher Nolan. You just won't win.
Twilight fan: TWi1IGHT mAkE MoVIe FIST!!1! ThE HUNgry GaMES is JUzzT coPYerzzz!!111

The Hunger Games fan: Goddammit. Another one of THESE lil' ol' dumbasses. I should just help her.

*explains what The Hunger Games is all about*

(Former) Twilight fan: Thank you sir, for that riveting plot summary. I am no longer a fan of Twilight, and I now realize why so many people say it sucks so much. I can't wait to read the entire Hunger Games series. Thank you God, for bringing me out of that dark, dark place that I was in. Thank you.
by FableInMyCable May 12, 2011
The hunger games is the best trilogy ever written, this definition will not go any further because when you read the book you will understand how amazing it really is. This book will make you stay up until 3 a.m. reading it.
friend 1: Are you going to watch that new movie "The hunger games?"

friend 2: Yeah!!! I've read all the books and they are amazing, the movie better be good too, but seriously dude, go read the books before you watch the movie!
by katniss16 February 25, 2012
The BEST BOOK SERIES EVER. I couldn't stop reading once i picked it up! I brought the books with me everywhere! If you haven't yet read the hunger game books, GO READ THEM RIGHT NOW. I promise, you will not regret it! I'm not even a big fan of reading, but wow, these books hooked me!

The first movie that out is also great. I loved it too, but as always, the book always has all those extra details! I can't wait till the second and third movies come out!
I'm going to go read The Hunger Games. So now, I'm officially cool.
by crazy4hungergames May 06, 2012
It's about a girl that volunteer for her little sister in the 74th hunger games. A girl willing to save her sister and her family. A 16 year old girl will fight to the death with the other 23 tributes till one remains. Experiencing drama, romance, trust, and survival. It's a book and movie. The author is Suzanne Collins.
The hunger games is taking place at the future.
Hunger games movie is so 2012.
by TheUrbanGirlNextDoor October 31, 2014
A pusified version of Battle Royale aimed at teenagers who stupidly think that its somehow original.
Superior Battle Royale fan: Please tell me you're joking.
by Thewizardofspeedandtime June 20, 2014
A book where everyone dies. You become emotionally attached to everyone. Then they die. The main characters die. The family dies. The villians die. Everyone dies.
Whiny guy 1:My life is totally The Hunger Games.
Guy 2:Really? Are you dieing? is everyone one you know dying? No? I didnt think so.
by Setsuna F. Seiei February 09, 2012
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