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1. a totally awesome book

2. a (hopefully) totally awesome movie coming out March 2012
1. Hey, did you read the Hunger Games yet? It's pretty awesome.

2. Can't wait to see the Hunger Games this spring!
by JennyCraig666 October 24, 2011
1. a suburb right outside of Omaha.... nothing too exciting there but whatever
2. the place where you can see the best 4th of July parade in Nebraska... I think
Yeah... I live in Ralston. Wazzup?
by JennyCraig666 October 23, 2011
fatty, greasy, disgusting shit that people force down their throats until they reach obesity
Poor guy, he spent his childhood eating at McDonald's and now he's 450 lbs.
by JennyCraig666 October 23, 2011
a thing that most people only want to see on their scalp & eyebrows (eyelashes too?... idk) and possibly for men aobve the upper lip and on the chin
A- "You've got some nice hair on your head"
Z- "Oh, thanks!"
by JennyCraig666 November 08, 2011

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