When one has "the hat" he is typically doing extremely well. For example, he may have a flash car, nice house, fit wife, etc.
"Timmy, now there's a man who has the hat."
#hat #the #lucky #dandy #fit
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
Top Definition
(n) A place used for smoking weed. A code word for a safe place to smoke
Dude Alex.. are you going up to the hat to smoke?
Alex: Yeah man, wanna come chill
#smoking #place #code #weed #pot #high
by Bill101 May 20, 2012
1. The person or thing that is really in control, in charge or kool, or knowledgeable. jer

2. Any object giving, representing or symbolizing such control.

3. On The Button
1. Nobody has the answer, I'll go ask thehat.
2. You think YOU got thehat?
3. Whoever got thehat better deal.
#the man in the hat #kung fu #pimp hat #the man who did the damn thing #the button
by slide rule April 10, 2008
Term of authority based on superiority of skill or intellect, after the white supervisor's hat in the construction industry.
1. Speaker #1: Are you sure we should do this?
Speaker #2: I'm the one wearing the hat here.

2. Speaker #1: Where do I put this?
Speaker #2: Ask Gerry, he's the hat around here.
#authority #title #nickname #honour #incompetent boob
by Col. Dr. April 24, 2006
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