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"Hat" is a word that can be used in place of any other word. Its meaning is universal, depending on the tone of voice and the situation in which it is said.


1) "Hat?"
A question. Your voice rising as you complete its pronounciation. Depending on the situation, one could be asking, "What?" or perhaps, "Pardon?" or virtually any other inquiry.

2) "Hat." Pronounced with a tone of finality. An expression of comprehension. "I understand," or, "Yes, I concur."

3) "You're a hat." Spoken with disdain. An expression of dislike for the individual referred to. In this instance, it could take the place of "goon," "mouth-breathing ignoramus," "degenerate," or any number of alternate degrading remarks.

4) Additionally, "hat" can be used as a prefix or suffix attached to other words, altering and enhancing the specificity of their meanings. Most commonly, this is done to add humour and effect to insults.

Examples include, but are not limited to: asshat, hatsack, fuckhat, hatboat, and Dumpy McHatfuck.
1) "What the hat?"
2) "We just lost the big game to Calgary! Hat!"
3) "Don't be such an hat."
4) "Hatclown."
by Pan-Chan December 01, 2003
One who displays substandard intelligence while simultaneously being "full of crap."

adj: craptarded
My schedual didn't say I was supposed to work today! The manager is such a craptard.
by Pan-Chan November 30, 2003
A generic insult, typically in reference to a female. It does not relate at all to one's comfort with her sexuality or fondness for pastry.
Emma, without relating to her comfort with her sexuality or fondness for pastry, is a whorecake.
by Pan-Chan November 30, 2003
Inadvertant physical hand-on-scrotum contact makes one a "junk-jiggler."
While sparring with Paul, I kicked at the same time as he did a low jab. He totally went for a nut-grab! That guy is such a junk-jiggler.
by Pan-Chan November 30, 2003
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