When a man takes a full stack of Chips Ahoy cookies and places them at the entrance to a woman's vagina. He then proceeds to push the entire stack of cookies into her vaginal cavity and break them up with his penis as they begin intercourse.
Amy: He gave you The Cookie Monster?
Betty: Yeah I'm queefing fucking crumbs!
by TheSuperPoobzMassacre January 29, 2009
Top Definition
The blue...thing in Sesame Street that used to consume cookies in large amounts, but has now been turned into the Veggie Monster to make sure that the children of America will not go and become fatter than their parents.

"Hey, did you see the Cookie Monster?"
"Say what? Who dat?"
by Crashfromtheotherside November 06, 2006
The beautiful blue monster from Sesame Street that was sadly murdered by the veggie monster. He is best known for his large consumption of cookies (usually chocolate chip) and the way he eats them. When someone is a cookie monster, then they eat cookies and say "Om nom nom nom!" The health department killed him and replaced him with the Veggie Monster because they didn't want kids to get fat. Like they aren't already.
Friend One: "Om nom nom nom!"
Friend Two: "You are SO the cookie monster!"
by Cookie Mnstr Luver!!! <3 February 06, 2012
when one eats cookies, then laughs so hard, that the cookie actually comes out their nose..and then later drinks a monster and laughs again, and the monster shoots out of their nose.
"dont laugh too hard, you might pull the cookie monster again"
by pacoskts April 07, 2009
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