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a colloquial term for Quinnipiac University. one of the most prestigious, and chillest colleges in connecticut, kids here go real hard, and don't go a weekend without getting shitwasted. the male to female ratio at The Q is 2 girls for every guy.
Guy 1: Yo last night I was so shitwasted, I macked 2 biddies in one night.

Guy 2: My dude, its common here at The Q. 2 girls to every guy. thats how it is.
by PizzaConsumer January 15, 2011
2 4
Refers to Nesquik that is, has been, or will be snorted. The act of snorting "the Q" is usually committed by children.

As defined by Dane Cook
When I was young, we used to snort Nesquik all the time, or "the Q" as we liked to call it.
by thegeebe April 20, 2006
47 29
A sexual position involving a female who is extremely flexible. Female gives oral while contorting herself into a U bend to allow the male to perform oral on her. Giving the appearance of a lowar case q.
Dude, that chick was so flexible I finally managed to do the q.
by NSUstud March 31, 2009
18 10
Used to refer to the QMJHL(Quebec Major Junior Hockey League)
"I was at a QMJHL game last night."

"I love The Q!!!! What is your favorite team?"
by natalie298755 November 08, 2009
9 3
A group of people that are gay or bi-curious!
The q's are very interested in themselves.

I wish he'd leave her alone, doesn't she know he's part of the q's?
by Erik binboe December 04, 2007
2 1
A term used for a guy who gets a girl intoxicated and takes advantage of her.
Wow did you see that jerk? He just pulled the Q.
by Michael Caspy September 28, 2013
0 0
the gay ass name that douche bag Martin Chavez is trying to give to Burque.
white mid western tourist: "lets go to The Q"

Burque resident: "fuck that cunt of a mayor its always been called Burque"
by teo chavez May 04, 2008
17 17