a colloquial term for Quinnipiac University. one of the most prestigious, and chillest colleges in connecticut, kids here go real hard, and don't go a weekend without getting shitwasted. the male to female ratio at The Q is 2 girls for every guy.
Guy 1: Yo last night I was so shitwasted, I macked 2 biddies in one night.

Guy 2: My dude, its common here at The Q. 2 girls to every guy. thats how it is.
by PizzaConsumer January 15, 2011
Top Definition
Refers to Nesquik that is, has been, or will be snorted. The act of snorting "the Q" is usually committed by children.

As defined by Dane Cook
When I was young, we used to snort Nesquik all the time, or "the Q" as we liked to call it.
by thegeebe April 20, 2006
Used to refer to the QMJHL(Quebec Major Junior Hockey League)
"I was at a QMJHL game last night."

"I love The Q!!!! What is your favorite team?"
by natalie298755 November 08, 2009
A sexual position involving a female who is extremely flexible. Female gives oral while contorting herself into a U bend to allow the male to perform oral on her. Giving the appearance of a lowar case q.
Dude, that chick was so flexible I finally managed to do the q.
by NSUstud March 31, 2009
the gay ass name that douche bag Martin Chavez is trying to give to Burque.
white mid western tourist: "lets go to The Q"

Burque resident: "fuck that cunt of a mayor its always been called Burque"
by teo chavez May 04, 2008
A term used for a guy who gets a girl intoxicated and takes advantage of her.
Wow did you see that jerk? He just pulled the Q.
by Michael Caspy September 28, 2013
A group of people that are gay or bi-curious!
The q's are very interested in themselves.

I wish he'd leave her alone, doesn't she know he's part of the q's?
by Erik binboe December 04, 2007
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