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Basically the best drink created by man (not god, morons). Nesquik provides us with calcium to help our bones grow healthy and strong and fifteen percent of our reccomended daily saturated fat intake. Nesquik combined with a donut or two take care of our reccomended saturated fat for the week! Nesquik is the only drink that I can think of with enough fat, carbs, and sodium to be counted as as meal.
"But dayyyum, Strawberry Nesquik is so satisfying!" exclaimed Fat Bertha.
by Allyrides February 24, 2006
An african american in the sunrise mall who seems to be poor/the stereotypical nigger.
that nes-quik is conceling a glock 9 in his pants!!
by 1337 Haxz0r!!11oneone April 03, 2005
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