A condition someone develops when they become a Let's Player that, on a subconscious level, makes them want to do a Let's Play of every game they have ever played, are currently playing, or will ever play, thinking of little quirks and catchphrases in each of these games that they could develop into commentary, as well as various "tricks" that they know in each game that they would like to share with their viewers; in this way, the word "curse" becomes synonymous with the word "addiction" (i. e. an "addiction" to Let's Playing), rather than the "bad luck" that Chuggaaconroy defined it as, regardless of his "coining" of the term. In addition to promoting the subconscious desire in someone to do a Let's Play of every game that they have ever played, are currently playing, or will ever play, the Let's Play Curse also prompts it's victims, while they are playing a game "just for fun," to commentate aloud as though they were recording an actual Let's Play for others to watch.
While gamemixup333 and I were watching his sister play Pokepark, for the Wii, we had taken a break from recording a Let's Play that we planned to upload to YouTube, but the Let's Play Curse compelled us to make up voices for all the Pokemon and to criticize the logic of the game in our style of commentary, as though we were still recording.
by FutureMal April 30, 2011
Top Definition
A condition in which no matter how hard you practice at a game,once you record a Let's Play of it,you instantly start to suck at the game.
Chuggaconroy,who you may know from youtube,kept getting the Let's Play curse and refering to it in his Super Mario Sunshine LP.The Let's Play curse really sucks.
by ArmyN64 May 16, 2010
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