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A condition in which no matter how hard you practice at a game,once you record a Let's Play of it,you instantly start to suck at the game.
Chuggaconroy,who you may know from youtube,kept getting the Let's Play curse and refering to it in his Super Mario Sunshine LP.The Let's Play curse really sucks.
by ArmyN64 May 16, 2010
Now let's face it,the ESRB is horrible.They have way too much power.Why do you have to be 17 to buy M Rated game?!You'd think it would make sense at first,but wait;I started playing M Rated games when I was 15,and I'm just fine with it.Another thing is,if a company gets an AO rating,they have to sell in adult shop.WTF?!It's not like I would drive to a porn shop to buy Manhunt 2.
by ArmyN64 February 28, 2010
1.abbreviation whichs stands for "You Know What's Bullshit".
2.Popular series by James Rolfe called "You Know What's Bullshit"
You Know What's Bullshit?Printers.(YKWBS Printers)
by ArmyN64 February 28, 2010
abbreviation for Wii Remote.
The Wiimote is a great controller.
by ArmyN64 February 28, 2010

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