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A polite 19th century term women used meaning either

1) Being emotionally overcome or

2) Having gas
Oh, Rhett, I am et up with the vapors!
by Mike April 20, 2004
105 39
A person who upon visualizing, reading, thinking, or even imagining something attractive or sexual embodies the characteristics of a southern elderly lady and receives warmth in the crotch area, similar to that of a dog in heat.
After hearing that Gary was going with the class to Italy Amanda received the vapors. She went home and took a cold shower to relieve herself.

Also may quote the line "I do indeed have the vapors" (While fanning themselves or their crotch)
by SammyDavies3 October 11, 2005
81 55
A one-hit wonder band, who are most famouse for "Turning Japanese".
"Wow, The Vapors are a one-hit wonder!"

"Yeh. After "Turning Japanese" they didn't have a single hit!"
by ColTim July 06, 2004
28 50