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When asked about a jizz stain left on a sofa, t-shirt, towel, etc. one will often use the toothpaste defense
To avoid embarrassment, Danny used the toothpaste defense when his mother inquired about the sticky white stains all over his laundry.

Mom: Danny, I've been going through your laundry, and I've discovered a multitude of sticky white stains on almost all your clothes
Danny: It's just toothpaste, ma.

Wise teen: I used the toothpaste defense once, but after that I started doing my own laundry
by hombretropical July 29, 2012
An excuse people on probation use when they report to probation and have to do a breathalyzer and they fail. They say they just brushed their teeth, which leaves small reading of alcohol in their mouth.
Probation officer: You failed your breathalyzer, you are going to jail.

Probationer: No I didn't drink, I just brushed my teeth before I came here.

Probation officer: don't try the toothpaste defense on me! You're going to jail!
by Lupara2012 July 31, 2012