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The 'offical' name for the game in which two people play normally while flirting to "get to know each other better." The rules depend on the players and are usually made up as the game goes along, but the basic jist is that the players take turns asking questions and you can't lie. The questions are usually sexual in nature and the game is a tool used to measure the person's skanky-ness.
Mark: Want to play the question game?
Jess: Sure.
Mark: far have you gone?
ect ect ect
by raydar March 10, 2006
Person A asks another a dirty or very personal or possibly pervy question,Person B then answers the question truthfully,

Person B then asks Person A a question which he should again answer truthfully,

This goes on until all the information needed has been shared.
Me: Lets play the question game
Bradley Carter Grey: Yeah ok
Me: Are you hard??
Bradley Carter Grey: No i prefer other people to make there own descisions about me
Me: (laughing histerically) No, i mean do u have a stiffy??
Bradley Carter Grey: Yeah i do now
Me: cool can i see??
by Prilladog August 05, 2006
The question game is a game where a person asks another person a question and the other person must answer with a question, repeating this process until a person answers a question with a statement. You cannot repeat the exact wording of any question used in that round of the game.
Person A: Want to play a game?
Person B: What kind of game?
Person A: Which game do you think I would want to play with you?
Person B: Could it be the question game?
Person A: Do you think it's the question game?
Person B: What would happen if I said yes?
Person A: Do you think I care?
Person B: Do you care?
Person A: Does it matter?
Person B: Doesn't you opinion matter?
Person A: To me, but -----
by CaliGirl95 April 08, 2010
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