-When drinking beverages of an alcoholic nature, when a certain number drink (ie. beer #12) puts you "over the edge"
-Passing the point of no return will usually result in loss of memory, speech, and motor skills.
Friend: Dude, drink that beer you'll be passed the point of no return, dont expect me too carry your drunk ass around all night
Friend 2: (incoherent babble) (chugs beer)
by metrosexualbastard1 August 26, 2006
Top Definition
the 3-5 seconds before you blow your wad
Phil: cassie..i'm...i'm...gonna...
Cassie: *suck, slurp* oh *orgasms* your cock is so hard! *another orgasm*
Phil: i've entered the point of no return!
*4 seconds later*
Cassie: I love swollowing your cum!
by Phil March 17, 2004
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