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To finger a girl on her period, (clunge being the ocean, body being the land) pull your fingers out an walk them up her body to her chest. Do a little jig with said fingers then ram them up her nose flapping around like a fish out of water!
"I'm going to make you a Disney princess"

"Can I be the little mermaid?"

"You won't be the little mermaid, I will give you the little mermaid treatment!"
#disney #little #mermaid #period #clunge #pussy
by DOCKLads October 28, 2014
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disney movie thats the awesomest ever go jimeny cricket!!...ariel can be known as "the whore of the sea"
damn! tonight imma go watch the aweseomest movie ever!@! the little mermaid
#disney #awesome #pimpin #ariel #triton
by wheaton <3 August 19, 2006
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