the act of ditching friends, acting like a dick, and always bringing people down. somebody extremely cynical and condescending.
Wow, i've never seen him act so horrible. He is definitely pulling the joe.
by yoana April 23, 2007
Top Definition
This on a level of difficulty for sexual postions on a scail from 1-10 is about a 14. The Joe is when you do a hand stand in front of the other person nakid with all of your junk stuffed in to a condom... balls and all. then you say "dosent it look like a chest burster from alien!?"
Refer to Alien The movie for example just immitate Kane upside down in handstand mode
by Barrett January 27, 2005
a slang term for joe louis arena in detroit where the red wings play
calgary is playing at the joe tomorrow
by vince April 03, 2005
Of the male species Joe. Involves the act of hot sweaty naughty sex. Drives around blasting The Misfits.
I got some of the Joe last nite.
by grumpybear April 08, 2003
A remote location in good old Kansas. Only the coolest can say they are from the Joe, therefore earning the nickname of being a "Joe". Some wild and crazy things happen in this little village, some celebrations include (but are not limited to) : weddings, keggers, and the ever famous water skiing. You must be born and raised in the Joe to be a "True joe", all others are completey and utterly jealous of us. Amen.
All parties at The Joe are off the hook!
by Thejoe123 January 18, 2010
The Joe is an inferior opponent to the Gaz, see rafa.

The Joe is destined to be served to The Gaz and The HariKrista for luncheon. Preferably with a nice cianti.
We meet at last, The Joe, say hello to my lil semi-automatic 'fren you halfbreed fuckarse wannabe.
by The Gaz July 23, 2004
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