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another term used for the strip joint because titties flop everywhere.
hey bro, we going to the flop tonight??
by lankston October 31, 2007
1 4
3 cards dealt face up at one time in Texas holdem poker.
MaineBowl called in spite of his weak 7-2 offsuit, just so he could look at the flop. What a moron.
by Cosmicstargoat April 23, 2004
8 5
When you think you've hit the drop but then you need to go again in like 10 minutes.
I thought I'd hit the drop, but it turned out to be the flop. Goddamn Weetabix
by rgghoiqegq February 28, 2009
6 5
The emo hair cut with the hair flopping in from of the face
any emo kid with a jacked up hair cut had the flop
by ptssycat September 19, 2008
3 3