After you have sex, the dick is soft. When the dick is soft tell her to get on her knees, then immediatly slap your dick across each side of her face. (then you hear a clapping sound)
After Byans dick was soft, Cindy got on her knees and Bryan slapped his dick on her face and made a clapping noise. Hints the name The Clapper
by Thomas Bryan August 29, 2006
Top Definition
when one moves the hips back and forth causing the nutsack to clap against the belly and or the gooch.
dude when kevin did the clapper and his mom saw him i almost shit my pants.
by scott reiter April 20, 2004
A device used to activate other electronic devices, such as lights by the use of a clap sound. Must be over the age of 60 or simply be unable to be embarrassed (a good test is if you can listen to All Night Long in front of people you don't know). Advertised in the 1980s, but rarely sold.
The Clapper: Bill, fart again. We have to turn off the damn clapper.
by Wigma January 05, 2007
The "clapper" is the little piece of metal that dangles inside a bell, causing it to make noise when it hits the sides. As such, when a female stands up after sex and wiggles her hips side to side, causing her outer vaginal lips to shake, it is called doing the clapper. (The female version of the helicopter).
After having sex with Carl, I always like to do the clapper to make sure he didn't cum inside me.
by memcano June 06, 2014
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