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a mutherfuckin gun

used mainly in the south
Gucci Mane: East Atlanta cockin hammers,

bandannas on car antennas

no, we do not talk to strangers

just cut off these niggas fingaz
by bubbakush123 May 05, 2010
a mutherfuckin Gun

term used mostly in the South
get to steppin before i pull out that clapper.
by bubbakush123 May 05, 2010
nickname given to Sumter, SC for the numerous murders that go on in the crime infested city. although the word "southern hospitality" is synonymous in Sumter, it is plagued with murder, crime, drugs, and poverty. once acknowledged as the most dangerous city in America, as of today it sits as the 3rd most dangerous city in the United States.
Stay yo ass out of Merk City
by bubbakush123 May 07, 2010
slang for parol
guy: you out?

x-con: got out thursday, but i'm still on that paroza
by bubbakush123 May 30, 2010

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