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An affectionate term for your boyfriend. Used in the 'Belle De Jour' book, prior to implementation in real life.
Flo: How are you getting home to your gaff?
Maz: The Boy is picking me up at 7.
by Maz+Flo September 01, 2005
14 14
The police. Frequently two male police officers patrol together.
B: "Is that the boys?"
D: "I'll put out the blunt"
B: "False Alarm"
by freekyzeek December 20, 2006
243 69
Captain Jean Luc Picard addressing Wesley Crusher.
Have the boy report to my quarters. ohhhhhh yesssss.
by Play 4 Keeps March 29, 2010
28 7
Term made popular by the Fox hit “The Simpsons”. It’s the quick an easy way to refer to a male child with all female siblings.
Has anyone seen the boy?
by Grondinelli March 12, 2009
17 10
a man's testicles.
Honey, don't forget the boy.
Don't hit the boys.
by lode June 06, 2004
49 42
Referring to oneself in the third person as, "the boy".

Also could be used to describe others in the third person.
Raul: You wanna party later DJ Noodles?

DJ Noodles: Hell yeah the boy's trying to party where we going?

Raul: Your mums hause.

DJ Noodles: Im finna beat the boy's ass running his mouth like that.
by DJ Noodles June 23, 2011
8 3
The biggest boyband on the planet, One Direction. Consists of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik.
The boys are coming out with a new record soon, I can't wait!
by DKri December 30, 2013
4 4
The Boy

1) The way Homer Simpson refers to his son Bart as Bart is the only male child in the immediate family.
One may refer to any male child in a family as The Boy providing they are the only male child.
Doing so may seem a little insensitive so it is best avoided.

2) A person (male or female) who is "it". The best at whatever they are doing or just generally higher up than anyone else.
A person may believe they are The Boy when in fact they just frontin and are better described as The Bitch.
Psychiatrist: Homer, what do you see when you look at this card?
Homer: THE BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marge: If you just talk to him without mentioning our son Bart
Psychiatrist: You mean there really is a "Bart" ?!

Look at that guy over there just merkin everyone, he's the boy

Do you think you're the fuckin boy?

Rippee: I'm the boy me
by Rzhhhh July 20, 2013
1 1