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Perfect, excellent: the most wonderful thing.
Do these earrings go with this vest?

It looks great. It's the berries.
by Jay Young May 08, 2004
To give the berries: to 1. deride or tease 2. be mean or rude 3. generally give someone a hard time.
1. I hate Joe. All he ever does is give me the berries.

2. The service was terrible, so I gave them the berries;

3. Person A: The bastard still hasn't coughed up.
Person B: Are you gonna give him the berries?
by Hasangai September 02, 2005
Defenseless paint-balls under a tree in a forest that explode when poked or thrown.
Mr. Johnson I found the berries!!!
by Master Slurm October 13, 2003