Tetrahydrocannabinol a.k.a. The Hunger-inducing Chemical (THC) is the active ingredient in marijuana derived from Cannabis.
The Hunger-inducing Chemical (THC) is known to induce hunger by increasing sense of smell via the cannabinoid receptors in the olfactory bulbs of mice, which are often used as models for human sensory systems.
by Ursa Sapiens Blog March 05, 2014
The Horny Couch
I need my THC. Let's go sit on the couch. I need my fix!
by #jcb February 23, 2014
Tokin Hats and Clothing. This is a clothing line expressing the many flavors of life. This company promotes the spread of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use.
THC gear is the sickest clothing around!!
by TokinHatsandClothing January 17, 2009
The |337est clan in the CS world. No one compares or even comes remotely close to touching -thc-. Can't deny unstoppable. w00t.
My clan, -)ACP(- tried our hands against -thc- and got our shit pushed in. werd.
by Joe Dirt January 05, 2004
THC Stands for Tash Hit's Climax.
Tash : *Moans* I think i'm gonna THC!.
Jason : Mmmmmh.. i'm not stopping you
Tash : Oh Jason your amazing
Jason : I Know.
by Veratos June 15, 2009
the quemical shit that gets fucked up outta of the sticky dank u got fronted cuz u just got a new bong
1-yo man im growing some white widow i heard its got 27% thc
2-damn son thtas dank as fuck, lets hit the shit right now
1- u got money?
2-nah today man
1-i ain't smoking ur poor ass out, bitch
by highmonkey420 May 12, 2008
THC stands or The Hackers Choice
THC is a non-commercial group of computer experts focusing on practical and theoretical computer security. The group holds a broad expertise in analysis, design and development of security solutions, ranging from efficient network surveillance scanners to kernel modules for operating systems.
I'v bruted some passwds with thc staff.
by ann-j March 23, 2008

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