Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol. It is the main psychoactive substance found in the Cannabis plant also known as Marijuana. THC binds to Cannabinoid receptors in the synapse in your brain, causing your blood vessels to open up, slowing down your bloodflow creating an adverse effect on your brain also known as being high.

Effects of THC may include-
-Short Term Memory Loss
-Non-stop laughter or giggling
-Impaired coordination
-Impaired judgement
-Impaired learning ability or problem solving
THC is typically 5% in Marijuana
THC is typically 10% in Hash (Male species of Cannabis plant)
by Crackpipe March 21, 2007
Tim Horton's Coffee.

An addictive substance found in Canadia, and usually accompanied by some sort of donut or pastry.
"Coffee run - who wants some THC?"
by Steak April 28, 2004
The History Channel

.. enough said!
THC is The History Channel!
by Son of Southwestern Darkness April 16, 2005
A 3 step motivational program

Think, Hold that thought, Complete!
You think of somthin from an idea u had....then u hold that thought for a u complete it by doin it!
by Jermy somebody from Vice City August 23, 2003
1. Wacky-backy, 'nuff said
2. The Hallmark Channel
"We watched some classic TV show reruns on THC last night.
by star8706 February 01, 2003
The High Council

A group of northern New Jersey young adults well known for smoking marijuana and petty crime.
That bud i got from THC was the shit!
by JoeACEc June 08, 2005
The Hip-Hop Container. A congolmerate of the greatest rhyming masterminds to dominate the west-end of the island of Montreal. Comprising solely of elite rhymesters, their underlying goal is the spread of their art, hip-hop.
Yo, T-H-C- and Ashtray,
Are tellin' you to obey.
by Mariana October 11, 2003

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