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A fine website devoted to demonstrating things considered as deviations from normality. You can expect seeing fecal porn there, guys in fursuits being humped by stuffed horses, and the like. A fine site indeed.
Steve: LOL guess what I saw today on!

Joanne: Yes?


Joanne: Tsk... I hate you, I mean it!!!
by Xfing May 27, 2009
The Home Of The Most Muffed Up Shit Ever.
2 Girls 1 Cup, Pain Olympics, Midget Sex, Girl Fingerpaints, 1 Guy 1 Blender, 1 Guy 1 Screwdriver
Bill: Hey, Did You Go Last Night.
Ben: No
Bill: Go On It Now
Ben: K, I'll Watch This.
(Turns On Pain Olympics)
Bill: Uh-Oh
Ben: Arghhhhhh, OH MY GOD IT'S OUT OF THE SACK!!!!!!!!!!!
by xXPrivateCabooseXx May 01, 2009
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