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Scar Symmetry is a band from Avesta, Sweden. They play progressive melodic death metal. Many people say they are similar to Soilwork. Oh come on.... well, ok, you could say they are similar to Soilwork but:

1) They haven't sold out.
2) Their lyrics are genius.
3) Their soloist Per Nilsson is Jesus himself.
4) Their songs don't sound the same, and they have no filler songs whatsoever.
5) Last, but not least, they DO change style, but don't ever sell out (this point is used by fans of sellout bands to defend these). They are the perfect demonstration on how to go more melodic and not to sell out at the same time - an attempt, at which both In Flames and Soilwork have failed miserably.

Scar Symmetry are the new generation of Melodeath. They have come from Avesta to deliver Sweden from mainstream and gayness. They bring the world tidings of hope.
Scar Symmetry's new album, "Dark Matter Dimensions" is scheduled to be released on the 11th of September 2009. It's scientifically proven that it's gonna kick unfathomable amounts of ass.
by Xfing June 22, 2009
A watered down form of death metal for teenagers with assymetrical haircuts.
Despised Icon were a trademark deathcore band before they broke up in 2008. They were known for their two singers who favored wigger-like dressing style and hand gestures.
by Xfing February 06, 2011
A fine website devoted to demonstrating things considered as deviations from normality. You can expect seeing fecal porn there, guys in fursuits being humped by stuffed horses, and the like. A fine site indeed.
Steve: LOL guess what I saw today on thatsphucked.com!

Joanne: Yes?

Steve: thatsphucked.com/post/2008/12/Stuffed-Animal-Phucker.aspx

Joanne: Tsk... I hate you, I mean it!!!
by Xfing May 27, 2009
Someone who's overly religious, loving Jesus a "little bit" too much, preaching about Jesus, and even going as far as to say that he had a cool beard.

Not really dangerous, but very annoying.
Jimmy: Yo, have you met Sandra? I think she's kinda cute.

Billy: As a matter of fact I have met her, and talked to her, and guess what, she's seriously overjesused.

Jimmy: Awwww....
by Xfing May 27, 2009
Deathism is the preconceived notion that death is inevitable and inescapable, actually a good thing, and it should be accepted without fear. The term is beginning to gain usage in circles where it is believed that thanks to ever-accelerating scientific progress aging can and indeed should be combated. Deathists tend to be opposed to such an outlook and advocate the "preservation of the natural order of things", and therefore often discourage, or voice their disapproval of anti-aging scientific endeavors.
John is an avowed advocate of deathism, or a "deathist". He believes death is absolute and thinks removing aging from humans would do more harm than good.
by Xfing March 11, 2014
Another YouTube clone, this time devoted to showing ogrish.com-like content. Stonings, beheadings, woman and child abuse, Islam, drug overdose deaths, adultery, forced incest and many, many more. Just... the truth.
Jake: Holy shit... I saw that 12-year old kid behead an apostate yesterday.
Matt: Yeah, me too. TruthTube has some creepy stuff on it, but I guess it opens some eyes.
by Xfing May 20, 2009
The ninth studio album by the Swedish ex-Melodeath band In Flames. It is the perfect example of what once ambitious bands tend to do to sell more records and attract angsty teenager audience. The lyrics from mature and abstract themes of earlier albums have degraded into "I feel like shit, but at least I feel something" and other similarly trivial sentences. The sound is reminescent of all these MTV-puppet bands, although still not enough to be written about in shitty magazines like Bravo or Popcorn. Like being stuck between half-suckitude and full-suckitude.
Timmy: Dawg, have you heard the new In Flames CD, A Sense of Purpose? It's almost as good as Linkin Park and Disturbed! Yay!
Johnny: I agree, In Flames are on a good way to sucking just like these bands you named do...
Timmy: What's that supposed to mean...!?
by Xfing May 04, 2009
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