Idiom, synonym of "that's life".
Timmy: I can't believe I revised for four hours on those topics and not one of them came up in the exam
Jinny: That's the way the cookie crumbles
Timmy: stfu
by brendan May 28, 2004
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That's just the way it goes; shit happens.
I studied really hard for the test, but failed. I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.
by Laur0406 June 01, 2004
Slang term, origin unknown from the 1920's in America. Used to underline a failure of an action, or dissapointment in reaching an undesired result, with the additional meaning that the result was not an unexpected one.
A:" Well, I asked Cindy out, and she told me to swallow my head . . "
B:"Hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles!"
by D F Stuckey May 26, 2004
A term used to explain to somebody that you can't control the way things are going to happen or exspect them to happen a certain way.
Person 1: I never win anything
Person 2: Thats the way the cookie crumbles
by Al May 31, 2004
A saying or phrase meaning "That's just the way things happen".
Person 1: "I can't believe I lost all that money on a stupid bet..."

Person 2: "I'm sorry pal. I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles..."
by Chuck Ikeh May 30, 2004
Expression of events that are out of your control. Usually pertaining to events that result in unwanted circumstances.
Person1: Ah man, the bird's crapped all over my car again.
Person2: That's the way the cookie crumbles.
by King Among Men May 28, 2004
Literally it means thats how it goes. thats what happens.
That's the way the cookie crumbles, get the hell over it.
by Raven May 28, 2004
Saying meaning life is unpredictable.
Forest Gump: "Life is like a box of chocolates...(takes bite out of piece of chocolate) never know what you're gonna get."

Me: "What a fucking stupid idiot, but, I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles."
by Tim Jerome March 18, 2008
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