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A phrase used to confirm the truth, and/or agreement with a previously made statement.
Jane: School sucks.

Dick: That's real!
by hotchocolate December 10, 2005
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1. A backhanded way to be dismissive to someone. A way to tell a homey that you dont care whilst not hurting there feelings, but if there in the know then they know upon hearing "thats real" to change the subject because they are boring you or you are disinterested in what they are talking about.

jane: dude, that episode of the hills last night was SO fucking rad.
jon: that's real.
jane: well fuck you then...
jon: that's real.
by GIGANTO! July 10, 2008
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universal term can be used after any thing; usually means a statement is incredibly true in nature
person1: Chris brown is soooo sexy
person 2: that's real!!!
by b3asy March 17, 2008
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